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"PEdAL ED have supported me (Kevin) since 2012 and the world tour that followed. From the winds of Patagonia, colds of Alaska and the monsoon rain of South Asia, I sported PEdAL ED garments fit for every condition. Practical and styled for occasions on and off the road, PEdAL ED clothing are necessaries alongside Schwalbe Marathon Tires, a Brooks saddle and panniers before embarking on my cycle tours"


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Many thanks to STARCOM SYSTEMS, who provides us with a very small and smart tracking system. The device keeps track of our location, altitude, local temperature and speed. This device allows us to show you where we are at any time from London to Sydney.

By the way, if you see speeds faster than 30 miles/hour, we are probably cheating !!

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Tracking our journey is powered by Starcom Systems-Above all
Tracking our journey with Kylos Compact - Best personal tracking system.